Mistress of the Ring and the Power of History – Celia Langston

A gold ring was passed down from mother to daughter.  That daughter passed it to her son who in turn gave it to his daughter. The cycle of the ring being passed from mother to daughter continued for three more generations and exists today.

Celia LANGSTON STYLES wedding ring

Wedding ring of Celia LANGSTON STYLES

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Clabourn M. STYLES – A Census Story

Without a known journal or family bible the U.S. Federal Census is a great story teller for those born in the early 1800’s.   Beginning in 1840, we know that Clabourn M. STYLES lived in Campbell County, Georgia as evidenced in the following census of that year:

1840 U.S. Federal Census of Campbell County, GA

Can you find Claiborne M. Styles in this 1840 U.S. Federal Census of Campbell County, GA?

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