Family Members Websites & Blogs

This will be a place to share your own websites and blogs.  If you made it and it’s G rated please share it.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be related to family history.

Here’s a start:

See and buy the bronze sculpture of Mark Hopkins:

Uplifting art designed by Eli Hopkins:

Compare one city to another with Nathan Hopkins site:

Recipes from the kitchen of Ginger Dean and family:

This is Bessie Rasmussen’s singing studio-still being constructed:

Blog by Mindy Dean about their family:

Follow the construction of Noah & Mindy Dean’s house:

Make kids art a fine thing with Summer Myer’s business site:

Wedding dresses designed and made by Emily Dean are at:

Interesting articles & ideas about family life by Sprice Packham

Family trees of original design by Katy Packham can be found at

See paintings and artworks by Ginger Dean and others: