Research Links

These links are to help find information and documentation about your family history:  Records of over 90 Million gravesites.  You can research or contribute by name or cemetery.  All volunteer. GREAT! Research tool of the LDS church.  It is currently morphing into FamilyTree?  or something like that and is still undergoing changes.  It contains information (not always accurate) about families submitted by multiple sources.  Has 1850 census. This is a volunteer sponsored site full of the history and people of the United States, by state then county.  Census, birth, death, deeds, history, bibles can be found but may be spotty info. depending on the host volunteer in the county. Cyndi has been at this for a while and probably has the most comprehensive list to genealogy sites on the web.  If you need  ideas about where to get info., just tap into this site. Find service records of those who served in the U.S. military.  A government site.


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