Alfred Martin LINN a CSA Captain

As you can see below, Alfred Martin LINN was in the Civil War.  He is wearing the uniform of the Confederacy, known as the CSA which stood for ‘Confederate States of America’.

Portrait of kindred Alfred Martin LINN in Civil War Uniform

Alfred Martin LINN in Confederate Uniform of the Civil War

Before the Civil War, Alfred served as a sheriff in Bartow County (1848-1850) and also served in the Inferior Court of the County.  Before the war, Bartow County was known as Cass County.  After enlisting, he quickly became a Captain in the GA 63rd Infantry Regiment.

HOW DOES HE RELATE TO YOU?    In 1837 he married Frances Ann HACKETT and they had a rich family of 13 children.  His son Western Hardy “Wheat” LINN and wife Martha (Mattie) A. GILREATH were the parents of Max Augustus LINN.

Some things learned from these few details of Alfred’s life are:

  • He was a Husband, Father, and Family Man
  • He was Honest, True, and Just
  • He was a Leader