Genealogy ToolBox

Helpful Links for Discovering and Researching Your Kin – Free Family History and Genealogy Records Online – Millions of graves recorded, some with pictures.  Free.  Can look up by name or cemetery.  Click on the right column where it says “Search 143 million grave records”.

USGenWeb Project – Free Genealogy and Family History of the United States & Counties Online $ – Genealogy, Family Trees and Records Online.  Free for members of the LDS church who want to share their own record.

RootsTech 2014 – Video Presentations Online From the First Roots Tech Conference

RootsTech 2015 – Video Presentations Online About Family History Research, DNA Testing, Storytelling, etc.

RootsTech 2016 – Motivating Video Presentations About Family History.  Bruce Feiler’s speech is especially well done.

RootsTech 2017 – The Newest Information Presented About Family History with The Property Brothers as Keynote Speakers.

Family History – Online Learning Center for Family History Research.  Has cool stuff like historical paper dolls. – Connects local history with historical photos and documents.  Old pictures are overlaid on google street view maps with a slider button that fades the old picture into the new. – Developed by BYU family history tech lab, they help you discover how you are related to friends and historical figures. – Virginia Heritage is a consolidated database of more than 12,000 finding aids which provide information about the vast array of manuscripts and archival materials housed in historical societies, libraries, museums, colleges and universities across the Commonwealth.