Honor in Service

WWIIU.S. Navy Ribbon Bars of Recognition

A big Thank you” to all the ancestors who served in the United States armed forces.  Charles Eugene HOPKINS earned an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy during WWII. He attended Signalman’s school in Norfolk , Virginia for 20 weeks and then in Noroton, Connecticut  for 8 weeks.

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Her Own Story – Myrtle Fay DENTON HOPKINS

This personal history of Myrtle Fay DENTON HOPKINS,  was also written for the family newsletter mentioned in the previous post.  The preface reads, “Upon request, Myrtle sent me the following history about herself.  In preface to the history please note that I have tried to type the story as close as I could to her own handwritten copy.  Near the end of the article she mentions that her eyesight and handwriting are not the best.”  She also requests proofreading but I have chosen to retain her spellings and punctuations.

Kindred Ancestor - Myrtle Fay DENTON HOPKINS

“I will try to write some of my memories, of my childhood, also in later, year’s.  I was born on Lookout Mountain, the year 1890 In Grandview Hotel.  My Mother married a Widower Continue reading

Memoirs of Eula Mae HOLDER LINN

Years ago I started a family newsletter.  I was still using a typewriter and drawing my own fonts for headlines.  The newsletters were mostly forgotten until I started cleaning out my files and I found some of them.   Here is a memoir Eula Mae HOLDER LINN sent me about herself and Max Augustus LINN.  I’ve typed it as close to the original as possible.


Eula about the time she met Max

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