Honor in Service

WWIIU.S. Navy Ribbon Bars of Recognition

A big Thank you” to all the ancestors who served in the United States armed forces.  Charles Eugene HOPKINS earned an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy during WWII. He attended Signalman’s school in Norfolk , Virginia for 20 weeks and then in Noroton, Connecticut  for 8 weeks.

His service included the following stations and vessels:

  • NTC Norfolk, VA
  • USS. Andrew White
  • NRRS Noroton, Conn.
  • USAT Charles W. Wooster
  • NRS San Francisco, CA
  • NRB. New Orleans
  • USS. President Polk
  • USS. N. Luline
  • NROTC Unit Univ. Mississippi
  • USS. M. S. Torrens
  • USS. Pres. Grant
  • NATTC Memphis, TN.
Discharge from U.S. Navy

Copy of Naval Discharge



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