The BARKER Bible, Part 2 – Names and Dates

In the center of the 1879 Bible are found several pages of names and dates.  They are listed in order of how they appear in the Bible.  The typed information is followed by the image of the page.  Words in brackets ‘[ ]’ indicates that the handwriting was difficult to read and may have a different spelling.  Let us know if you read something different.

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The BARKER Bible, Part 1 – Unraveling a Mystery

For years the old bible has been on our shelf.  Published by C. McGarvey in Baltimore MD. 1879, it housed not only Holy writ, but illustrations and a few pages in its center for documenting important family events such as births, marriages, and deaths.

Evelyn BARKER DEAN was the youngest and last birth recorded, penciled in along with her mother’s name and birthdate.  Her father’s birth date had been written down in another handwriting, probably his mother’s due to the evidence that William W. BARKER‘s birth hour along with his sister’s was noted.  Who better than a mother would remember the hour of birth?

The other names in the Bible were guesses at best and mostly unknown.  We’ve still not identified everyone but many of the good people listed in the book are coming into focus thanks to the incredible amount of historical documentation available on line.

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Look for the next post which will have the details of the family information.