The BARKER Family

1930 Census of the BARKER Family in Augusta GA

1930 Census of Starne Street, Augusta GA

Home of William and Essie BARKER on Starnes Street in Augusta GA

2018 Starnes Street in Augusta GA as it stands today

Residing on Starnes Street in Augusta, Richmond County, GA in 1930 was the BARKER Family. They are found in the 1930 U.S. Census records.  Census records are interesting reading; mostly fact interspersed with tidbits of fiction.

The head of the household was William W. (Washington) BARKER at age 32.  ‘M’ stands for male and the number ’19’ on his line of information tells his age when he married.  He worked as a ‘Car Inspector’ for the Railroad.

Essie E. (‘E’ is really Lee) BARKER is William’s wife, age 35 and married at age 22 according to the record but she was actually 25 years old when she married . . . but who’s counting?

Daughter Evelyn BARKER is 8 years old in this census.

William and Essie lived at the Starnes Street house until about 1960 and Evelyn lived there for her entire childhood.

William and Essie BARKER on Starnes Street

William and Essie BARKER abt 1959 standing in front of the Starnes Street Home


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