Memoirs of Eula Mae HOLDER LINN

Years ago I started a family newsletter.  I was still using a typewriter and drawing my own fonts for headlines.  The newsletters were mostly forgotten until I started cleaning out my files and I found some of them.   Here is a memoir Eula Mae HOLDER LINN sent me about herself and Max Augustus LINN.  I’ve typed it as close to the original as possible.


Eula about the time she met Max

“Don’t know how to start this but me and Max met in May 1913.  That day I had been to a field day with the school and really had a ball.  When I got home my Cousin Jeff Rawl’s lived with us.  He told me about this new barber in town.  he had a date with my oldest sister But Jeff told me he wanted to meet me.  I told him I was not Instred [sic]  Any way I met him and we started to going together and went together for almost four years before we were married.  I live at a little town called Locust Grove.  Max didn’t stay there long    he went to Dublin Ga.   We wrote to each other.  We moved to Grifiin and I went to work for the telephone company.  Max came to Griffin to see me    stayed in town about a week then he moved from Dublin to Macon    he was working in Macon at the terminal station Barber shop when we got married on Sept 2 1917.  We went to Macon to live    we lived in a boarding house for a while.   the first year we were married we had one long honeymoon we sure enjoyed ourselves.  he was very handsome and I was truly in love with him.  We had our first child 17 months after we were married  A beautiful baby boy I almost paid with my life for that one.  I stayed in the Hospital for 21 days.  And then couldn’t walk without holding to something.  The baby was named for his father Max Augustus  A beautiful name.  We kept little Max for 13 months and then the Angels took him.”

Note:  Eula Mae was 16 when she married.  Baby Max Augustus LINN Jr. was born the 28th of January 1919, the same time as the great flu pandemic.  He died on the 26 of Feb 1920.  The cause of death is not yet known.



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