Styles + Langston

Born during revolution and married in a new country, Samuel and Celia lived in exciting times.  Descendants of this couple include James Elmer HOPKINS.

Cartouche of Cherubs Celebrate the New Nation

Mr. Samuel STYLES* married Miss Celia* LANGSTON in South Carolina  the last quarter of the 1700’s. 1

It is thought that Samuel was born about 1773 in Virginia and died the 27th of July 1853 in Greenville SC.

The 1790 U.S. Census shows several related families living near one another.  In the left column is Solomon LANGSTON (Samuel’s father in law).  In the right column is Samuel STILES.  The 5 columns of numbers after each name, from left to right indicate: males over age 16, males under age 16, females, all others in house, slaves.  Samuel had no slaves at this time although that would change.

1790 Federal Census South Carolina

1790 Federal Census South Carolina

The map below shows the area where the STYLES’ and LANGSTON’s lived near Greenville, South Carolina.  Stile’s Mill is located near the middle of the map, left of Saluda Gap.

1820 SC Map Showing Styles Mill & Traveler's Rest

1820 SC Map Showing Styles Mill & Traveler’s Rest

*Styles is sometimes spelled ‘Stiles’ and Celia is sometimes spelled ‘Selah’.

  1. Source: U.S. & International Marriage Records 1560-1900

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