Robert Hackett 1782 – 1832

Much can be learned from a will and an obituary. The following information is obtained from both documents for Mr. Hackett:

  • Robert was born in Richmond Virginia
  • As a child, he moved with his family to Abbeyville District, SC, near Cambridge
  • He moved to Anderson District, SC in January 1829
  • ‘Lucinda’ was his wife
  • He had at least 4 children: Harriet, Francy, Sophrona, and Albert
  • A member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Ebenezer
  • He was a land owner
  • He owned slaves. One of them named Sarah who had children
  • His friend was Garrison Linn

The beginning of Robert Hackett’s Will from South Carolina, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980

1880 Map of Anderson County, SC (Partial)


Mistress of the Ring and the Power of History – Celia Langston

A gold ring was passed down from mother to daughter.  That daughter passed it to her son who in turn gave it to his daughter. The cycle of the ring being passed from mother to daughter continued for three more generations and exists today.

Celia LANGSTON STYLES wedding ring

Wedding ring of Celia LANGSTON STYLES

The ring has power. Continue reading