16 Year Old Bride Widowed at 27 – Nancy Caroline STYLES HOPKINS

In just 11 years a young Nancy Caroline STYLES married William H. HOPKINS at age 16, had 4 living children and became a civil war widow.  She was 27 years old.

We know she had some family support. Nancy was apparently named after her mother but was known as ‘Caroline’ as found in the 1850 census of Campbell County, GA.  She is found as an heir in the will of her father dated Nov 9, 1874:

“I, Clabourn M. Styles of the county and state aforesaid do hereby make this my last will and testament . . .

Third- I will, give and bequeath to Nancy Caroline Hopkins my beloved daughter the east half of lot of land number seven in the 7th district of originally Coweta now Campbell county containing one hundred one and one quarter acres more or less to be her right and property during her natural life and at her death to go to her children and representatives of children.”


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