COCHRAN, George W.

George W. COCHRAN was James Elmer HOPKINS’ grandpa.

George W. was born the 15th of October 1829 in South Carolina.  The oldest of six children.  At age 23 he married Mariah SHELLNUT and they filled their home with six children of their own.  It was daughter Mary Elizabeth who bore James Elmer HOPKINS.

He moved to to Campbell (now Fulton) County GA near Atlanta and is buried there.  Here is a picture of his head stone at the Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery:  Headstone of George Washington COCHRAN

No picture of George W. has been found but here are images of some of his brothers that could tweek your imagination:

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WWII Navy Memento of C.E. Hopkins

12.5 x 17 inch fabric banner with words: Let Freedom Ring - God Bless America" with a bell, 2 American flags and an eagle on top and a sepia toned picture of Charles E Hopkins standing outside.

WWII Fabric Memento Banner featuring Charles E Hopkins

This memento fabric banner features Charles Eugene HOPKINS.  The banner itself is about 12.5 x 17 inches and looks like a silk screen type design on cotton twill fabric with a photo image in sepia tone.

The background of the banner is a wine/red hue with red, white, and blue flags.  The eagle, bell, wording, fringe and thread are gold toned.

The photo image seems to be clearer in  black and white rather than color.

The surroundings, time and circumstance of this unique memento are a mystery.







Navy Service Record FOUND!

It was great.  I had a large craft paper envelope with “Charles HOPKINS Personal History” written on it.  I knew I’d been collecting bits and pieces but my early onset dimensia (actually, I believe I developed it in the womb) had me wondering, “What’s in this?”.  It was almost like Christmas, hey wait, it IS the season!

Below is a short slide show of some of Charles E. HOPKINS Navy memorabilia:

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Looking for Photos & Service Records

Charles HOPKINS sitting at table with other uniformed men, one other in Navy and 4 in another uniform.  Charles HOPKINS is in the middle with a man's arm around him.

Charles HOPKINS in center of photo with other uniformed men.

On the last post I asked about the navy service record of Charles HOPKINS.  A reader named Ollie promptly replied that I could search for it at:

If any one beats me to it, please let me know what you find.

Also I’m looking for photos of:

  • Ancestors
  • Meaningful Family Objects (send story as well)
  • Documents of Ancestors – letters, wills, deeds, etc

You can take a picture of any pictures/items you have with your smart phone, I-pad (tablet) or camera.  Please send it along.  There is interest in sharing these visual notes of history, not to mention the important role of teaching through image.

The WHOLE William & Mary HOPKINS Family

This picture was found on  (awesome site).  I shared it via e-mail a week or so ago but wanted to include it in the site. It’s such a lovely portrait of the family. It was taken about 1896.

From Left to Right:

Front RowJames Elmer HOPKINS , Cassie Lee HOPKINS (He died at age 22).

Middle Row – Mary Elizabeth COCHRAN/HOPKINS  holding Della Camilla HOPKINS, William Claiborne HOPKINS  (sheriff of Union City) holding Lillie Mae HOPKINS

Back Row – Artie Abigail HOPKINS, George Thomas HOPKINS, William Wright HOPKINS, Laura Bell HOPKINS