A Man in a Uniform – I Think I Love Him

I do love this picture of Charles Eugene HOPKINS walking down the street in his U.S. Navy attire.  What street is it?  I don’t know, perhaps someone can piece together some clues.  What age?  Well, it was before I was born. Does anyone have his navy service record?   GingerDSCF5593


4 comments on “A Man in a Uniform – I Think I Love Him

  1. Ginger, We are finishing our basement and the main family room will have pictures if our ancestors. I have quite a few of my family and none of my husband’s. Do you have any digital files you could send me (in your spare time!?) It would be awesome for my kids to see them. J

    • Yes, of course. You may copy anything on the website for your personal use. The quality of some of the pics are not the best because we don’t have the originals. They are photos of photos. Please e-mail mykindredtree@gmail.com and let me know which individuals you are looking for and at what stage of life. Ginger

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