Evelyn Roberta BARKER, Young Nurse in South Georgia

Evelyn R. BARKER as young nurse

Young Nurse, fresh out of school. Evelyn Roberta BARKER

Charlotte, a close friend in nursing school with Evelyn Roberta BARKER, called Evelyn simply “Barker”, as did all the rest of her classmates.

Evelyn grew up as an only child to William Washington BARKER and Essie Lee INGLETT on 2018 Starnes Street, Augusta, Georgia.  The house is about 15 blocks from the now mothballed cotton mills on the Augusta Canal.

Evelyn was born 14 June 1921, and she had a good eye for drawing as a child.  She eventually went on to nursing school during World War II and found a nursing job in Thomsonville, GA.

During these early years before she married, she would travel on her off days to the Florida Panhandle beaches with her nursing friends and on one trip even traveled by boat to Cuba.


Builder, Big, Boisterous, Bradley, Birthday Boy

Born Cecil Bradley DEAN on January 21, 1921 to John Wesley DEAN and Bessie BURKHALTER as the fifth child and fourth boy in a row. He would also have 4 addition brothers born in the family.  He was the middle child, raised on a farm in rural south Georgia.  He was taught principles of hard work and long hours, mixed with times of fun.

Officially changing his name to Brad DEAN late in life, Brad was a residential builder and commanded attention on the building site due to his size and voice.

He was born on the farm near Waycross, Georgia and went to Pearson High School in Pearson, Georgia.  He did not graduate, but joined the Marines in 1937 and served the next 8 years as a Marine in WWII.  He came home and married Evelyn Roberta BARKER on July 3, 1948.  He worked as a salesman for a candy company and then for the American Greeting Card Company.  He basically sold these items to drug stores.

One pharmacist on his “route”, Dr. Sawner, encouraged him to settle in Knox County, Tennessee around 1950 to build houses.  They became partners, with Dr. Sawner providing the capital and Brad providing the work.  He stayed in the profession the rest of his life, mostly building small single story 3-bedroom starter homes.

He moved to Venice, Florida around 1969.  Evelyn and Brad divorced in 1973 and he soon thereafter married Hazel BARKER (actually Hazel’s first husband’s last name, not her maiden name).  Brad and Hazel moved to Sarasota, Florida about 1975 and he eventually died in Sarasota Memorial Hospital November 19, 1984.

Brad DEAN about 46 years old

Brad DEAN looking quite good around 1967


WWII Navy Memento of C.E. Hopkins

12.5 x 17 inch fabric banner with words: Let Freedom Ring - God Bless America" with a bell, 2 American flags and an eagle on top and a sepia toned picture of Charles E Hopkins standing outside.

WWII Fabric Memento Banner featuring Charles E Hopkins

This memento fabric banner features Charles Eugene HOPKINS.  The banner itself is about 12.5 x 17 inches and looks like a silk screen type design on cotton twill fabric with a photo image in sepia tone.

The background of the banner is a wine/red hue with red, white, and blue flags.  The eagle, bell, wording, fringe and thread are gold toned.

The photo image seems to be clearer in  black and white rather than color.

The surroundings, time and circumstance of this unique memento are a mystery.