21 Homes of Charles and Edna

They moved a lot.  Charles HOPKINS and Edna LINN began their married journey together in 1942.  In conversation with Edna many years later, she recalled some of the places they had lived.  The bold print is the list  she came up with in chronological order:

  1. 7700 Gary Boulevard in San Fransisco California. The following might be the building they lived in.
7700 Geary Blvd San Fran Google Street View

Google Street View

Redfin.com says, “7700 Geary Blvd is a multi-family home in San Francisco, CA 94121. This 15,060 square foot multi-family home sits on a 7,845 square foot lot and features 18 bathrooms. This property was built in 1929.”

2. She couldn’t recall their second home.

3. Hibernia Street New Orleans, Louisiana. Hibernia is now a new apartment tower and a bank.

4. Miss Mary’s House, Oxford, Mississippi.

5. A duplex rented when Charles got out of the Navy on Epworth Street in Atlanta. 

This little dilapidated house built in 1946 may or may not be the home of  but it is a current listing of a house on Epworth Street listed is in bad shape on Zillow.com:

House on Epworth St in Atlanta from Zillow.com

6. 160 Dearborn Street, Atlanta, Georgia.  Bought this house for about $6000 and lived in it from November 1946 – September 1948.  Rand had a bad accident here.

160 Dearborn Street Atlanta GA Zillow.com

Picture of renovated house courtesy of zillow.com

The description from CaldwellBanker.com says the bungalow was built in 1947.  The memory date and the real estate date are close but not exact.

7. A garage apartment on Polarock Road, Lakewood, Georgia

House on Polar Rock Road, Atlanta GA courtesy of Trulia.com

This might be the home on Polar Rock Road.  It was built in 1940.  House listed on Trulia.com

8. 1805 Live Oak Drive, Jacksonville, Florida

Zillow.com says, “1805 Live Oak Dr, Jacksonville, FL is a single family home that contains 947 sq ft and was built in 1945. It contains 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.”

9. Apartment on 2552 Silver Street, Jacksonville, Florida.  It seems as though there is no apartment building at this address but today there are some small homes remaining.  Googlemaps.com offers the following street view:

Googlemap.com street view of 2552 Silver Street Jacksonville Florida

Street view of 2552 Silver Street Jacksonville Florida, courtesy of Googlemaps.com

10. 1060 Barrett Road, Jacksonville, Florida.  Bought this house the spring of 1950 and lived there until 1952.  The number of this address may be incorrect since it could not be found.  The following is a picture of nearby 2949 Barrett Road built in 1949 according to Realtor.com.

11. Rented on 4305 Irvington Street Jacksonville, Florida.  A very cute bungalow built in 1929 according to Motovo.com



12. Rogers Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.  Here are two examples of homes from Rogers Avenue that are still around.  The first is from Trulia.com built in 1945.  The second example of a Roger’s home from Zillow.com was also built in 1945.

Home on Rogers Street, Atlanta, GA courtesy trulia.comHouse on Rogers Street Atlanta GA courtesy zillow.com

13. Lived in East Point, Georgia.  Here is a map of the Atlanta area from 1953 including East Point.  The full map can be found at oldmapsonline.com

1953 Map of Atlanta courtesy oldmapsonline.com

Map courtesy of oldmapsonline.com

14. Pine Forest Road, Macon Georgia.  The street address was not remembered but here is a little house listed by Zillow.com that was built in 1949.

Home on Pine Forest Road, Macon, Georgia courtesy zillow.com

Picture courtesy of Zillow.com

15. Boulevard Drive (Chavelle Drive), Atlanta, Georgia.  This little house was built in 1935 and was probably the same type of house Charles and Edna lived in.  Photo courtesy of HarryNorman.com

house on blvd in Atlanta from Harry Norman

16. Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida.

Example of a house on Beach Boulevard.  The big Formosa azalea plants are reminiscent of Edna’s love of them.  Picture courtesy of Rentals.com, a division of Zillow.

Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida courtesy rentals.com

17. Bought and lived at 5529 Nettie Road, Jacksonville, Florida from January 1955-1958.  One of their children was born in this house. 

This little 1242 square foot house built in 1949 seems to be underperforming today.  The googlemaps.com picture comes from PropertyShark.com.

Charles and Edna Nettie Road Florida home courtesy property shark.com

Picture courtesy of Propertyshark.com

18. Bought and lived on Englewood Road, Jacksonville, Florida from 1959-1960.

Interstate 95 runs through the middle of the Englewood Neighborhood today.  It is near the St. John’s river.

19. In 1960 bought again on Nettie Road, Jacksonville Florida.

20. From November 1960 until 1968 bought and lived at N.W. 21st Terrace, Gainesville, Florida

This was a small three bedroom, yellow painted concrete block home with an attached carport on the left side of the house.

21.  Lived at 231 Geneva Street, Decatur Georgia.  Bought for $14,500 in August of 1964. This home was built in 1928.  It’s earthen basement was full of hardware treasures and the attic room had a Mary Poppins view of London as she descended from the sky.  Azaleas and hydrangeas were nurtured and adored in the yard.  This is where Charles died.



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