” . . . and they all died.”


Framed Geneology with Decorative Tree Painted on Wall

There are lots of fictional stories and some are tragic by design.  It seems a popular writing formula that no matter how the story starts, it ends ” . . . and they all died.”

Here is a transcribed letter written in 1930 from Melvin E. JACKSON to his Uncle Elsberry. From the reply of the letter it appears that Elsberry JACKSON was trying to find his roots or at least some information about his own birth.  Could this letter be a real life tragic story form?

Elsberry B. JACKSON

Elsberry Jackson


Tucker GA                                                                                                                                                                   July 12 1930

Dear Uncle,

Received your letter.  Was surprised to here from you.  Just thought we would not here from you anymore.  We hope these few lines will find you all well.

You did not mention your family.  I will tell you about mine.  I have got four children, 3 girls and one boy.  Two of them are married, and have got 5 grand children.

Uncle Elsberry you asked me about your people.  All of them are dead but Aunt Martha and she is living with me.  Uncle Joe Jolly has been dead nine years and Mamie his daughter died the same year he did.  Aunt Emmer has been dead seven years.

Buck and Will Warren are both dead.  Have been dead four or five years.

You asked me about the family record.  The Bible Aunt Martha has hasn’t any record in it.

Aunt Martha is around 87 years old and in fairly good health.  Uncle William would be 79 years old if he was living.  Pa would be 83 years old and aunt Emmer would be 69 if she was living.  Maybe you can get some idea of your age by this record.

Write and tell me about your family and come to see us if can.  Let us hear from you again.  As ever your nephew.

M.E. Jackson                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tucker, GA.


Elsberry JACKSON was father of Alma Josephine JACKSON HOLDER who was mother to Eula Mae HOLDER LINN.

Elsberry was the son of Milton H. JACKSON 1815 and Mary A BANKSTON 1816.  They had the following children:

  • James 1843
  • Martha 1845 (lived with M.E. author of the letter)
  • Rufus 1847 (father of M.E. author to the letter)
  • William Jack 1850
  • Mary A 1854
  • Elsberry Benjamin 1855
  • Emily “Emmer” 1857

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