The Last Two Letters of James DICKERSON

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Understanding and forgiveness appear in Letter 11.  The realities of war are described and as ever, James has a keen sensitivity to crops and prices of goods in the area.   He still has no money and is concerned about his family having shoes.

The last letter, number 12 is penned by someone other than James due to his injury.  He is in a Confederate Hospital in Richmond, VA.

Letter 11

Virginia  richmond      June the 20th

Dier wife      I take the plesier of droping you a few lines to informe you that I am well at this time and I hope this will find you all well      I reseved youre leter dated the 11 witch please me vary mutch to her that you was all well and you have become reconsiled about your spyses       I a sorra to think you had that opinion of mee       Wright pritchet died last night and his brother cant carry him home       it cost $40-$50 dolers to barry ethring so ther is no chance for the pore       I int to git my tipe to you for there is no chances        there is one hundred men in this company and about thirty four duty tha ar qurd of them that —- it gives them the brake         tha ar fiting every day in  – ———the ole gineral burnt everything up the tents and everything        we have only what we had on our backs        tell my farther [father] [1] that tome [Tommy] [2] is her and looks as well as I ever seen him       his ridgment is in our brigade       Corne is three dolars a bushel her      sirup is five dolars a galon       are you making aney corne       I reseved youre leter that tha ole mail in one day the 17       Yall rote to mee wether I got pleanty to eat or not       I doo sutch as it is       Bread and meat       wheat bread at that         wee git som beef ons a week       I have got a bunch of wheet      Crops is vary good her       you don’t no how glad I would be to see you all       I doo dreame about you aften times        I think if I doo ever git out of this I will stay at home the balans of my dayes     I don’t hav eny idea that tha war will last mutch longer        you can tele Mr. Hamilton [3] that I cant her from William yaret no wher and if you and aletha and Monroe has not got no shoos you had beter speke in time       I have got no money and I dont no when I will git eny        I have red brownes [4] leter and they dont say aney thing about you so I will close by saing I am youre loving husban       until Deth

[1] James’ father is William B. DICKERSON born 1797.

[2] Thomas DICKERSON born about 1820 is found living in Crowders, Monroe County GA in 1860. This may be ‘Tome’.  Exact relationship to James and William is yet to be found.

[3] In the 1850 census, Arthur Hamilton, age 56 is neighbor to James and his first wife Sarah HOBBS.

[4] This is probably R.H. Brown born about the same time as James and is found on the 1850 and 1880 census of Monroe County, GA.

Letter 12

Richmond   4th Ga. Hospital

As have an oppertunity to get someone to write a few lines for me today and have it to say to you that I have been confined in this hospital since the 27th of June       I hope I am slowly recovering  though the doctors think there is some doubt yet about saving my wounded arm and hand.      In other respects I am moderately well.  I should have been at home soon after being wonded had I had the money and my wounds would ave done better and there would have been more chances in favour of saving my arm could have reached home.      I want you to send your brother [1] on here as soon as convenient in order to accompany me back home       I have been confined so closely that I have been unable to draw my pay consequently have been entirely without money since I have been here.         If he cannot come here get John Coleman to come on in his stead.      Furloughs are stopped at this time but will be resumed again in a few days by which time I may be able to travel which I am not at present.      Let me hear from you soon, love to all

And remain your affectionate husband

J.H. Dickerson

[1] Clary’s brother is Henry J. McCoy about the same age as James.


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