Learn from the Best Without Leaving Home

This week is the 3rd RootsTech.org conference where lots of family historians and genealogists gather to teach and learn how to research with the latest technology.

They are video streaming a select number of presentations and lectures.  I can’t tell if it’s totally free or not but it’s worth a gander.

For example, a few presentations are:

Thursday March 21st – “Tell it Again” and “Finding the Obscure and Elusive. Geographic information on the Web” .

Friday March 22nd – “Researching Ancestors Online” and “Google Search and Beyond”.

Sat the 23rd – “Digital Storytelling”.

Go to www.rootstech.org to see the full listing of the live stream over internet.

Also, look for letters 3 & 4 of James Dickerson, Confederate Soldier in the next day or two.


New Website About Our Family History

Welcome to this new website ‘My Kindred Tree’.  Bill and I have started it to record and share our family histories.  The plan is to include our pedigrees of those who came before us which include the surnames:  HOPKINS, DEAN, LINN, BARKER, HOLDER, BURKHALTER, DENTON, INGLETT.  There will be more.

We also want to include stories and pictures.  This is a way to share the information we have and help bring history alive.  We would like to include input from family members that are interested and want to share accurate information.

Make sure to contact us at mykindredtree@gmail.com if you have an interest in contributing.  This is a new e-mail and we’ll try to remember to check it often. If we don’t get back to you as soon as you’d like, please e-mail us at gigdean@gmail.com

I have been involved with a genealogy class these past few weeks as well as taking a class on how to make websites.  This endeavor is the combination of the two experiences.  With Christmas coming up, it may take a couple of months to fully organize the site.  We really, really want involvement from family members as we develop.  Some of the ways we’re envisioning your help is :

  • to write your experiences with family history
  • write your own personal history (things you want to share with the world)
  • share photos you may have of relatives and ancestors
  • contribute what you learn from your own research
  • compile interesting data about your ancestors (where they lived, occupations, etc)
  • share stories

There are many more ways to contribute that I’m sure you’ll think of.  Please let us know.  Of course, any information about living relatives should only be shared with their permission, including pictures.

More later, Ginger