W.O.M. Stories of Western LINN & Martha GILREATH

Image courtesy of vintageprintables

Image courtesy of vintageprintables

What does W.O.M. mean?  Word Of Mouth.  The type of story that is verbally passed along. Interesting stories because they have the ability to expand and change by the addition of the teller’s words, intonations or opinions. Details might be lost or enhanced in the retelling but theses types of stories are like salt and pepper.  The spice for tastier food and a happy palate.  They add a new dimension to the saying “ye are the salt of the earth . . .” when it comes to talking about our ancestors.

From the mouth comes the story  that Western Hardy “Wheat” LINN liked to hunt.  He hunted small wild fowl.  His hunting habits may have something to do with the bullet hole in his hat but it’s one of those details we just don’t know.  He had a crippling arthritis that put him in a wheelchair but it didn’t stop him from hunting.

Martha GILREATH, his wife was known to make and sell feather pillows.  Now, if you can add 1 + 1 you could probably figure out where Martha got her feathers. She appears to be a woman who used opportunity and materials to better her situation.

Martha "Mattie" GILREATH

Martha “Mattie” GILREATH

When Western was ready for his celestial dirt nap, his body was so bent by the arthritis, it was told that they had to break several of his bones to fit him into his casket.  Ouch.  W.O.M.



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