Eula or Flora? Why We Need Help This Spring

According to the Editors of the Britannica Encyclopaedia, the Romans believed in a goddess named Flora who was in charge of flowering plants.  She ushered in spring and was one of the many deities helpful with reproduction.  People revered the coming of spring so much they started a festival for Flora and even built her a temple.  So silly!

Today, we are smart and understand that the seasons are logical rythmic results of planetary rotations . . .


(yes, today – it’s the middle of the lusty month of May)

It’s still snowing in Colorado Springs this week and southern California is like an inferno.  Where is SPRING?!?  After having just experienced the coldest winter on record, (and spending more than 75% of our incomes for heating fuel) perhaps we need a little Flora in our lives.  “Ahhh, Flora come to us . . . bring us flowering plants and kiss us with the sweet fragrance of wild honeysuckle floating in your gentle, warm, westerly breeze . . . “

Flora is depicted as a beautiful woman with a floral crown upon her head. She has been painted through the ages but this lovely picture of Eula Mae HOLDER LINN is one we can literally relate to.  Indeed, Eula did love her plants and flowers.  The balcony of her Euclid Avenue home was full of houseplants including the ‘spiderplant’.  Impatiens volunteered to romp in her yard after she introduced them to it.  Indeed, one may say she had a ‘green thumb’ or the knack or prowess to help plants grow and thrive (actually, I think it was Miricle-gro).




One comment on “Eula or Flora? Why We Need Help This Spring

  1. This is a great post. Truly spring is evading us here in the Springs. I have never seen that picture of Maw with the flower headband. This is almost as good as the picture of the lady with the doll in her lap.

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