Mariah SHELNUT’S Big Family

Mariah SHELNUT, the daughter of John G SHELNUT and Elizabeth WHITE was child number 5 in her big family.  The first six children appear to be born in Surry County, North Carolina.  They are:

1. Thomas Pinkney SHELNUT   born 1822

2. Eatha Malinda SHELNUT       born 1824

3. Harriet SHELNUT                     born abt 1825

4. Joseph David SHELNUT         born 1826

5. Mariah SHELNUT                born 1828

6. John Junior SHELNUT            born 1830

The family then moved to Georgia where the pitter patter of more little feet were heard:

7. Amanda C SHELLNUT             born 1835

8. Lavina  SHELLNUT                   born 1835 (appear to be twins)

9. Susan E SHELNUT                    born 1838

10. Nancy Jane SHELLNUT        born 1840

BUT WAIT!!  THERE’S MORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Elizabeth White SHELNUT died in 1840, the same year that her little baby girl Nancy Jane was born.  John remarried the next year to Edna (MILLER) COCHRAN in Campbell County (now Fulton), GA.  Edna had been married twice before with at least one son, John MILLER from the first marriage.

1830 Map of Campbell County, GA

1830 map of Campbell County, GA

One historian states that John G.  had another wife even before Elizabeth.  Speculation on their circumstances point to the conclusion that these people saw plenty of death, tragedy, and heartache in their young lives.  Yet, they had children to take care of and life moved forward.

Together, John and Edna had several more children.  One report states that they had 5 together, another says 3.  Edna’s son John MILLER lived with the family as a young farmer, age 20 in the 1850 census.  Here are the names of the three known children they had together:

1. James H SHELNUT                    born 1841

2. Mary “Dolly” SHELNUT          born 1843

3. Rebecca S. SHELNUT               born 1844

It would seem that Edna or Edney was a kind and influential person in the lives of all the SHELNUT children because at least one granddaughter was named ‘Edna’.


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