Free – Civil War Booklets for Children

In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, My Kindred Tree .com is offering two booklets:  ‘Little Southern Belle’ and ‘Johnny the Confederate Soldier’. These are designed for children.

Send your name and address to if you would like to have a booklet. Indicate if you want the ‘Belle’ or ‘Soldier’ book. These are available until supplies run out.

Can you figure out which of the following ancestors were children during the Civil War 1862-1865?  Click on the name to read more about them:


Joseph Martin DENTON


Check out the stories of some of your Civil War era ancestors:

James DICKERSON, wife, children




2 comments on “Free – Civil War Booklets for Children

  1. Dear Kindred Tree, I want the soldier book. This is M. that wants the soldier book.

    Dear Kindred Tree, I want the same book. And this is P. that wants it.

    I would like to have the “Southern Belle” book. Thank you very much for giving these out. – A.

    J. says he’d also like Johnny the Confederate Soldier.

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