‘Mattie’ Elizabeth STEPHENS DENTON

‘Mattie’ was her nickname.  Born Martha Elizabeth STEPHENS to parents Levi and Rachel on the 11 Oct 1871.

She married Joseph Martin DENTON on the 1 Oct 1889 in Chattanooga Tennessee.

The place of her birth has not been firmly identified so if anyone has a source please share.

The picture below is a favorite because she is holding a doll in her lap. Note the hair bows.

Picture of 'Mattie' STEPHENS DENTON with children and doll

From left to right: Effie DENTON, Ernest DENTON, ‘Mattie’ Elizabeth DENTON, Gladys DENTON, Myrtle DENTON

Here is a picture of Mattie several years later:

Martha 'Mattie' STEPHENS DENTON  in later years



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