Ancestors Alive in America – 1776

If you’re reading this post because you’re a descendant of any person written about in ‘My Kindred Tree .com” you are probably an American citizen.  You may not know exactly how deep your roots run in America but your heritage of American ancestors would describe you as VERY AMERICAN.

A few ancestors alive in the year 1776 include:

Phillip DEEN – He enlisted as a private in 1779 in Coleman’s Company, 10th North Carolina Regiment in the Revolutionary War.  Married Rachel.

Revolutionary War Flag

One of Two Remaining Revolutionary War Flags

William GILREATH – Born about 1733.  Lived in North Carolina.  Found on the enlistment rolls of soldiers that went to Kings Mountain, SC.  Settled in Greenville SC with youngest son Jesse.  Married  Mary ARRINGTON.

Charles Austin BRUCE – Virginia was his birthplace in 1744.  His daughter Mary, married Jesse GILREATH, son of William.  Buried in Greer South Carolina. Married Margaret RAMSEY.  Wrote a letter to Thomas JEFFERSON.

Letter to Thomas JEFFERSON from Charles BRUCE

Letter to Thomas JEFFERSON from Charles BRUCE

Thomas DENTON –  About 33 years old at the time of the revolution.  Married Elizabeth.  Both from Virginia.

Solomon LANGSTON –  Born in 1732 and married  Sarah BENNETT.  They were patriots residing in Greenville, SC.  His children were very active in the revolution.  One of his daughters, Dicey, is considered a Patriot Heroine.

Painting of Solomon LANGSTON protected by daughter Dicey from being shot by the British

Solomon LANGSTON protected from British Soildiers by daughter Dicey


3 comments on “Ancestors Alive in America – 1776

  1. I had to present to Tabitha’s 1st grade class our country of origin. On both sides of our families, we are just as you say “very American”! And before that, very English!

  2. My great grandfather had three boys and a daughter older son was George Washington Gilreath he brought my grandfather toTexas they moved around Burleson Texas don’t know anything about the other brother the sister was in a Georgia state facility where she died about 1032..They were from Chadouhoo county and I miss spelled That. There was some mentioned of Jesus Georgia.

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