Who Are These People Anyway? How to Find Out.

Example of a Fan Chart from Familysearch.org

Partial of an ancestral Fan Chart from Familysearch.org

‘My Kindred Tree’ has highlighted many ancestors.   Perhaps you knew some of them when they walked the earth with us while others mentioned on the site may have left you scratching your head as to who they are.  There is a way to find out . . . 

Eventually we hope to have pedigree charts  (family trees) published on this site but it is a slow work in progress. We welcome volunteers to help build the site.  Of course,  you are always welcome to contact us and ask about the kin in question.  But if you have a nice relationship with your computer and the internet, read on.

We encourage you to identify your personal connection to our highlighted ancestors by using the site  <familysearch.org>.  The site is sponsored by the LDS church but you do not have to be a member to use it.  When you click on familysearch.org you will be asked to ‘sign in’.  If you do not have an account, just click the gray box  at the top right hand corner.  You will be prompted how to make an account.  It’s all free.

Familysearch.org has been undergoing many changes this last year and it’s starting to come into focus with beautiful charts (both pedigree and fan) and  ease of use.  Because familysearch.org has input from numerous contributors, some of the information may not be 100% correct.  The good news is that you can contribute to the site and make corrections.

You can find yourself and your ancestors on this site.  We encourage you to find our highlighted kin on the site to determine how and if they belong to you.  For instance, we found Charles HOPKINS on the sight, clicked on his personal information and found the following:

There is more information to find and lots of ancestors neatly organized in their generational place. Let us know what you find, even if it’s yourself!

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