Sisters, Sisters . . .

Sisters.  There were three of them.  Eula Mae HOLDER was the middle sister of three little girls who lived in Locust Grove, Henry County, GA with their parents Alma Josephine JACKSON and James Solomon HOLDER.

Bertha Lane HOLDER

Bertha Lane HOLDER

Bertha Lane HOLDER born 1 July 1898 was the firstborn .  She married John H SPEIR and they had one child.  It’s believed that Bertha had some higher education beyond elementary school.  It may seem a funny thing to note, but higher education was not an expected privilege for most girls in the early 1900’s.  Bertha could also play the piano.  This beautiful young woman’s life was shorter than her sisters.  She died a few weeks after her 21st birthday on the 20th of Aug 1919.  It would be of interest to find out the cause of death.

Cemetary Marker with Little LambAlthough not a sister,  Lindon C. HOLDER, the only son of James and Alma was born on the 24th of Sept in 1899. He died at 15 months of age on 18 Dec 1900.



Eula Mae HOLDER was the 2nd sister born on the grand date of December 10th, 1900.  She would have been 8 days old when her brother died.  It can only be imagined what a difficult time Alma, the mother would have suffered. Eula married Max Augustus LINN. They had 4 children, 2 of whom reached adulthood. Eula had an elementary school education up to the 8th grade. She worked as a dressmaker until her retirement.  She loved to read, sew, crochet and tat. She died at her son’s house in Covington, GA at the age of 92.

Mamie Lee HOLDER as a Young Woman

Mamie Lee HOLDER

Mamie Lee HOLDER was the last sister born 4 March 1903 in Locust Grove like the other girls.  She would have been 3 years old when her mother Alma died in 1906 and was 6 years old when her father married Della HARKNESS.  Mamie married William Albert EVANS on Dec 2, 1919 and lived most of her life in Griffin, Spalding County, GA.  She and her husband owned and worked a general store that serviced the local community which included both blacks and whites.  Mamie and Bill never had children but hosted their niece many summers.  She was known to like cake.  Through the years, especially during hard economic times she employed her sister Eula to sew dresses for her which was mutually beneficial to each.  She lived to be 100 years old.


6 comments on “Sisters, Sisters . . .

  1. Bertha’s (Mrs John H Speir’s) obituary states she died “from a complication of diseases”, and is survived by “an infant a few weeks old”. So complications of childbirth were likely a contributor.

  2. Bertha and Eula are 2 of 3 students listed as having perfect attendance at the Union Graded School (Henry Co Weekly, Jun 5 1908).

  3. I remember Aunt Mamie very fondly. My grandfather, John C. Speir, Sr (Bertha’s son) would take my sister and I to visit her. We also met Aunt Eula once at her son James’ home. I remember Mamie always made lovely cakes and had a warm and charming home and I remember looking at pictures with her. My Granpa told me she once told him she liked our visits because I wasn’t afraid to talk.

    • Thank you Denise for that lovely story and memory of Aunt Mamie. Indeed, I remember her delicious cakes as well. I welcome other stories you may have about these sisters. Ginger

  4. Bertha, who died very young, was my grandmother. My father, John C. Speir was told by his Aunt’s Mamie and Eula that his mother played the piano beautifully. There were two stories told of her death. The first was that my Dad weighted over 11 pounds at birth and she never recovered as she caught the Spanish flu. The second was that she was bitten by a black recluse spider, developed systemic infection and died from this. My father believed it was Spanish flu as told to him by his father. As my father was a few days away from his own death, he told me he was excited to be able to see his mother in Heaven. It is my belief that they are there together.

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